Versatile machine park and qualified staff allow our metal workshop to perform various metal processing such as welding, turning, milling, sheet metal bending, CNC plasma cutting, pipe bending, manufacture of metal structures, etc.

As we are the end user of the product itself, all the production is particularly well finished, and it has been tested it in our own peat production.

In addition, we manufacture products in our workshop according to the customer’s request and drawings

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Stump collector

Milling cutter PF-1

As the company’s activities also include the extraction of milled peat, we have added the necessary equipment for this process to our product range:

  • Milling cutter PF-1;
  • Stump remover;
  • Stump collector KJ-2;
  • Trailer for the milled peat (40 m³);
  • Peat turner;
  • Passive milling cutter;
  • Loading bucket for peat;
  • Vacuum harvester;
  • Excavator boom extension.

Technical facilities:

  • Rolling mill, min ø 120mm. t = 3 L up to 1200mm. t = 5 L up to 600mm
  • Rolling mill, min ø 250mm of workpiece. t = 5 L to 2400mm
  • Hand plasma cutting, cutting thickness up to 30mm
  • CNC plasma cutter, t up to 15mm, table dimensions 2m x 13.5m
  • Folding machine, sheet thickness up to 8mm, width up to 1m
  • Folding machine, sheet thickness up to 5mm, width up to 3m
  • Guillotine, sheet thickness up to 15mm (s235), width 3m
  • Screw compressors, up to 10 bar
  • Pipe bending “up to 2”
  • Band saw, k-230mm x a-330mm
  • Radial drilling machine, drilling diameter up to 70mm
  • 40 t hydraulic press
  • Turn max ø 290mm. L to 1m
  • Milling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • Planing-bench
  • Various welding equipment
  • Carbon stick cutting

Workable sheet metal thicknesses from 2mm to 15mm